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Domestic & Imported Fittings

Only top quality fittings and other purchased parts are sold by Trenton.  All fittings and other purchased items are monitored for strict compliance with applicable standards and specifications.  There are a number of competing fittings in the market which have been inspected and rejected by Trenton Pipe Nipple Company for failing to meet the exacting standard of Trenton—no wonder they are sold for less!  All Bronze fittings sold by Trenton Pipe Nipple Company are made by ISO 9000 Certified manufacturing facility.

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Face Bushing

Hex Bushing



Couplings - Reducing


Elbows 90°

Elbows 90° - Reducing

Elbows 90° - Street

Elbows 45°

Elbows 45° - Street

Extension Pieces

Lock Nuts

Plugs - Regular - Cored

Plugs - Solid

Plugs - Countersunk


Tees - Reducing

Y Branches 45°


Caps - Extra Heavy

Couplings - Extra Heavy

Elbows 90° - Extra Heavy

Elbows 45° - Extra Heavy

Tees - Extra Heavy

Unions - Extra Heavy


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