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Quality is never taken for granted at Trenton; it is maintained through constant vigilance.

Total Traceability of all Brass and Stainless Steel Nipples, as well as Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper pipe through manufacturing steps and eventually the applicable Mill Test Certifications, which detail the tested Chemical and Mechanical/Physical characteristics of each batch of pipe used. (Tracing requires information from shipping documents and packaging.)

From the time pipe arrives, to the time it leaves, as a pipe, a nipple, or as part of a custom-made part or assembly, quality is checked and monitored.

Each bundle of pipe is checked upon receipt by Trenton’s Quality Control Department and is not released to stock until it can be assured that it meets all applicable standards, including the chemical, alloy, and mechanical characteristics. A Mill Test Certificate for each item is on file.

Each step of the manufacturing process is carefully documented, regularly reviewed for revision control and updating standard and custom made products. There are extensive and continuous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. Quality procedures are constantly monitored and updated to assure that only the highest and most consistent quality products bear the Trenton name.

Trenton Pipe Nipple Company is MIL-I Certified, which is the U.S. Military’s quality system, similar to ISO 9000.

Fittings and Resale Parts
Only top quality fittings and other purchased parts are sold by Trenton.

All fittings and other purchased items are monitored for strict compliance with applicable standards and specifications. There are a number of competing fittings in the market which have been inspected and rejected by Trenton Pipe Nipple Company for failing to meet the exacting standard of Trenton—no wonder they are sold for less!

All Bronze and Stainless Steel fittings sold by Trenton Pipe Nipple Company are made by ISO 9000 Certified manufacturing facility.



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