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Bronze Meter Flanges

Trenton sells high quality Domestic (Made in the U.S.A.) Bronze/Brass Meter Flanges. There IS a difference between the Trenton Meter Flange and the foreign (mostly Chinese) imports sold by others. Material thickness, strength and quality of finish, being the most noticeable differences. A side by side comparison makes it obvious that our US made Meter Flanges are heavier and superior in material and workmanship.

Sizes Available: 1-1/2”
Opening Forms Available: Threaded with NPT thread
  Solder socket

Meter Flanges are available as single flanges or in one piece and two piece kits.

KITS consist of the Flange(s) neoprene drop-in gasket(s), nuts and bolts

(Grade A “Common Bolt” or Grade B which is the ASTM standard “Flange Bolt”)


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