Stainless Steel and Brass Nipples


Trenton Pipe Nipple Company is one of the largest, oldest, and most respected manufacturers of Red Brass nipples. In addition to a large inventory of a wide range of sizes, custom cut lengths are available in brass from Close to 12’ in Length or any size length in 1/16” increments.

All Trenton Brass and Chrome Plated Brass nipples are manufactured to the exacting standards of ASTM B-687 (Rev. 96).

Standard nipple threads are NPT National (American) Pipe Taper threads. In addition to the standard NPT threads, nipples are available in a variety of thread forms. See NPT Thread Data.

Sizes / Diameters
Brass Pipe Diameters are available from 1/8” thru 6” in Standard (Schedule 40) and 1/8” thru 4” in Extra Strong (Schedule 80).  Stainless Steel Pipe diameters are available from 1/8” thru 4” in both Standard and Extra Heavy.

Pipe and therefore nipples are available in virtually ANY length from Close to 12’ in brass and from Close to 21’ in stainless steel, 1/16” minimum length tolerances from close can be made by Trenton.


Brass nipples are available in General Purpose Drawn temper (H58 temper) and most are also available in Annealed (O61) temper. (Unless specified otherwise, H-58 temper will be supplied.)  Stainless steel nipples are available in both 304-L and 316-L grades of steel.

There is no one who can satisfy the customer’s needs for special cut nipples as quickly as Trenton Pipe.