Red Brass Pipe

Red Brass Pipe
Red Brass Pipe

Red Brass Pipe

Alloy 230 otherwise known as alloy UNS No. C23000 is generally known as Red Brass. The pipe Standard applicable is ASTM B 43 – Seamless Red Brass pipe.

All Red Brass pipe, also known as “Alloy 230,” is made to the exacting standards of ASTM B-43.

Sizes stocked
1/8” through 6” nominal diameters in Regular/Schedule 40 1/8” through 4” nominal diameters in Extra Strong/Schedule 80.

Tempers stocked
Two common tempers are H-58 / General Purpose Hard Drawn (most common) and O-61 / Annealed. All are stocked in H-58 General Purpose Drawn Temper. All Regular / Schedule 40 and most Extra Strong / Schedule 80 are also stocked in O-61, Annealed Temper.

Finishes available
Plain AND Chrome Plated (any length to 6 ft; with or without threaded ends). Also available as a special order; nickel and brushed nickel finishes size limitations apply.

Red Brass pipe is stocked in 12 ft mill lengths; other lengths are available. Full lengths of pipe can be cut to enable it to be shipped by UPS (may save considerable moneys over truck shipments of small quantities).


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